This article was one of the stories for my Master Project at Ateneo de Manila University (2004). We were asked to write a story which close to our heart. This is definitely close to mine. You can take some of the parts of this article, but please, mention your source.

Radio Waves for You
(first story)

by Shita Laksmi

On the small island of Saponda in East Indonesia, where electricity is on only from 6 p.m. to midnight and where there is no newspaper and very limited access to TV and radio programs, people yearn for information. To address this need, a group of fishermen, representing the island’s 1040 residents, unanimously decided that community radio would be the way to go. That is why a group of radio volunteers got together in January 2005 to discuss how they would build a better community radio station.

Saponda Island, no wider than a tenth of Changi International Airport in Singapore, already had some basic equipment. The station had been airing for more than six months using an Mp3 player, a transmitter, a microphone and an antenna. They do not use a computer because electricity is on for only six hours or even less each day.

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