Frequency for the Voiceless

The same with previous uploaded article, this article was one of the stories for my Master Project (2004). Struggle to get a fair frequency allocation is still going on until now (end of 2007). You can take some of the parts of this article, but please, mention your source.

Frequency for the Voiceless
(second story)

by Shita Laksmi


Allocating radio frequencies is like dividing a chocolate bar. You can receive a half, a quarter or just whatever is left. This all depends on what the giver wants to do.

For example, a mother might divide a chocolate bar among three daughters by giving a half to the first child who is healthy because she was born in good times; from the remaining half, she gives three-fourth to the second and only one-fourth to the third, who is very thin because she was born in hard times.

Most people would judge such a mother unfair.

A similar lack of fairness is evident in the way Indonesia allocates frequencies for radio stations. With a limited range of frequencies, from 87 to 108 mHz on the FM band, allocations for private, public and community broadcasting stations are lopsided in favor of the first two.

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  • November 30, 2007