Where have you been?
More than ten years I have been looking for you


Though I could not see you in figure
You were in my day
Your calling was my password
My code to access my computer
My key to open my email
My access point to enter my dream

I use your name in my life
Because somehow I know I would be with you someday
Like today
When your presence is slowly getting clearer
Showing no sign of vanishing, like before

I realize, it is real now
My password has become one with you
I am enchanted
I meet you in shape

I remember the teasing smile you gave me
When I put your hand on my lips
It went through my neck
Ended in my chest

At the time when the sun flower facing the west
I asked you earnestly
“Would you be my lady?”
I am glad you say yes

You are still my undisclosed password now
A key code to enter all my personal belongings
Because I want to always remember
That you are, my angel


Ateneo de Manila University, 2004

  • August 24, 2007