The Important Network Affair is Happening in December

Same with two uploaded articles before, this is also one of the articles of my Master Project at Ateneo (2004). Not my favorite one, but it reminds me the passion we had at that time.


The Important Network Affair is Happening in December

(Third story)

by Shita Laksmi



In December 2004 was the first time Suman Basnet stepped in Indonesia. As the coordinator for Asia Pacific Region in the World Association for Community Broadcasters (or AMARC, in short), Basnet flew from Kathmandu to Jakarta. He spent two days in Jakarta and took a three hours train to Bandung. He has one agenda in Bandung: to attend the first national congress of the Indonesian Community Radio Network known locally as Jaringan Radio Komunitas Indonesia (JRKI).

Basnet could not hide his enthusiasm. Compared to other nations in the Asia Pacific, Indonesia was a leader in community radio because it was recognized by the law and many stations were already operating on the grassroots level. “This national congress would have a significant impact on the development of community radio,”1 he said.

1 Based on a discussion with Suman Basnet on December 12 – 13, 2005 in Gran Hotel Lembang, Bandung.

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