The Jakarta Post: The Act Upon Information

Tulisan saya yang dimuat di the Jakarta Post. Tulisan yang dimuat disini, yang sudah diedit Jakarta Post. Hehehe. Maklum, persoalan grammar terlalu kompleks buat saya. 🙂


Some people may say that since most Indonesians are not law-abiding people, you need not advocate the law. What is written in the law is not necessarily implemented accordingly.

In some cases, they might be right. But in the Access to Public Information Law, what is happening is completely contrary.

The 2008 law on access to public information was ratified two years ago in April. And as usual, two years after the law is ratified, we should implement it.

The law stipulates that public institutions should disclose its information to the public, moreover whenever the public ask for it. Nongovernmental organizations should also disclose information about themselves.

The process to implement this law is underway. It is not an easy process, since most of the government institutions, particularly those in the regions, are not aware of the law. However, some initiatives from the civil society have made the task workable.

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  • May 2, 2010